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Hi everyone,

The name does kind of say it all. Or nearly all. So yes we do rent out bikes but not the kind that zoom by you in a flash with a mighty roar of 4 cyclinders with poor silencers.

No, our bikes can’t do that but they can do other things that are arguably even more fun. Twist and turn down narrow paths through the woods, whilst you enjoy the quiet serenity of being surrounded by nature. Give you a healthy glow that comes with getting the wind in your hair, great exercise and sunshine on your face (ok, we can’t gurantee that last one that isn’t exactly up to us).

We don’t do BSO. Those letters are used by cycle enthusiasts in a deragotry way to describe Bike Shaped Objects that are not worthy of being called ‘bikes’. No, we really don’t. We provide bikes that are great quality, constructed of aluminum alloy. Components are way above Shimano entry level or equivalent (although Shimano’s components at entry level cannot easily be faulted).

We want you to come back from a day of cycling looking like you had a better time that you thought possible! And then we want to see you back again as a returning customer.

Our prices are probably the best in London and we throw in a lot more for your money than most other bike rental companies. E.g. you get a compass included so if you do decide to go off-road into the woods you don’t need to navigate by the stars!

Booking is simple via: www.goodwheelrentabike.co.uk

We aim to delight our customers and are equally delighted to hear your feedback on your return.

See ya,

Bernie – Director of GoodWheel Rentabike