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Harrods lit up

Harrods lit up

Not many people give this much thought that Britain besides for being a country is also a brand. The folks at Visit Britain.org – entrusted with marketing Britain, take their brand very seriously and for good reason too, it is worth by their estimates quite a bit of money – around £5 billion annually.

True, that is ‘only’ half as much as the Louis Vuitton brand but to be fair Britain cannot sell its product the way fashion labels can. For Britain to earn any tourist revenue at all it has first to convince the tourist to hop on a plane to England.

By contrast, LV only has to convince its worldwide target market to take that one little step from the pavement into one of its 440 shops accross the world. Hence, to put things into context. 5 billion UK Sterling per annum from one ‘shop’ really isn’t all that bad for Great Britain after all, all things considered.

Visit Britain takes its brand so seriously that in 2010 it produced a 93 page report to explore what exactly draws tourists to Britain (particularly London) in the first place, what in fact they enjoy doing once they get here and how best to market the brand in the future. So what were the findings? It would be difficult to condense all into one blog so we will begin with some of the key findings.

Other than just soaking up the atmosphere what do tourists do when they come to London?

1) Going shopping for clothes and accessories is the favourite activity of tourists to London.

2) Going to the pub is extremely popular too.

3) Visiting castles and historic buildings, museums, art galleries and gardens is also very popular.

Considering that shopping is the most popular pastime for tourists visiting London you can be sure that Harrods in that picutre was utilising its electricity budget very wisely by making itself as attractive and noticeable as possible.

A great proportion of London’s tourists are potential customers but they must first be enticed through the door where the magic can do its work. Glittering lights on the ouside, fantasic quality goods and decor on the inside and not least, one of the world’s best collections of attractive salespeople all come together to ensure that it is not long before the visitor is eagerly flashing plastic at the sales clerk.

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