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Gilbert collection partridge cup

Gilbert collection partridge cup

Riding a bike in London feels quick and that is largely because you keep arriving at new exciting venues – ‘most everything in Central London being in such close proximity. One mintue you are riding say in Hyde Park watching someone with a bee in their bonnet harping on about something or other in some foreign tongue and literally two minutes later you are at one of the most beautiful, artistic collections in the world.

The Gilbert collection currently housed at the Albert and Victoria museum is just one very important example. It is a hidden gem itself because whilst the museum that houses it is well known, this particular collection is not one that most people know about.

If you are a lover of beautiful artefacts then prepare to be taken aback by the sheer variety and brilliance of this collection.

What is on display? Micromosaics made from miniscule glass pieces, miniature portraits in enamel, gold boxes most of which were made as containers for snuff, which were also used as important diplomatic gifts, silver artefacts and much, much more.

Check out the beatiful pictures and descriptions on http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/t/the-rosalinde-and-arthur-gilbert-collection/ for further information.

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