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His rental bike awaits

Heathrow, Luton, Stansted are all places we associate with travel, lots of people moving purposefully from one place to another and of course airplane travel.  As a bicycle rental comany we prefer to associate these airports with something a little different – expanding our customer base for bike rental.

So how exactly does our airport bike rental service work? For the sake of simplicity let’s profile our customer Luke.

Luke is 28 years old. He works in hi-tech. He earns £50K a year. He likes to work hard and play hard. He likes the finer things in life and to have fun. He is on his third trip to the UK and has his girlfriend Tina is in tow. She works as an executive secretary in one of the Fortune 500 companies.

The internet is Luke’s link with the outside world, so before he travels to Heathrow he googles ‘Heathrow bikes’ and guess who comes up on the first page – www.goodwheelrentabike.co.uk

Luke is a little over-confident and he thinks he gets our business model just by scanning a couple of internet pages in 30 seconds. He doesn’t totally get it but is convinced enough to go to our page http://www.goodwheelrentabike.com/order-a-bike/ and order two bikes one for himself and one for Tina.

He soon learns by way of email that:

1) We deliver to Heathrow hotel’s concierge who accept the bike on behalf of their guest.

2) When the week’s rental period is over, Luke need simply hands over the keys to the concierge and we will pick up the bike.

3) We require a credit card authorisation to ensure that funds are available before we can process Luke’s order.

4) Luke’s credit card details are secure with us. Paypal requires that we input his card details directly into our virtual terminal where the number is not visible to anyone.

Having processed his order, Luke wakes up on his first morning at his Heathrow hotel. It is only 7.30 AM, the sun is shining and his energy level is high. Best of all his and Tina’s gleaming rental bikes and the keys to the bicycle locks are waiting for him at the concierge. Luke quickly mounts his bike and manages a fast paced ride around the local country lanes plus a dip in the pool before Tina joins him for breakfast. Later in the day they take the two bikes on a Central London bound train (at no extra cost) and have a crazy time together touring around London before returning back to the hotel by train.

Unlike the tourists traveling through London by Underground, Luke and Tina are enjoying their extra independence afforded by their own two wheels, are getting to really know London its sites and geography. They have even discovered that the weather can often be quite hot and that it doesn’t even rain all the time.

They did it their way and are all the better for it.